Serbian students and teachers presented student exchanges in North Macedonia and Romania

Within the project “Young Journalists of Today, Responsible Digital Citizens of Tomorrow”, three student exchanges were conducted. The first one was in Serbia from March 21 to 25, the second in Northern Macedonia from April 11 to 15, and the third in Romania from May 30 to June 3. The students participating in the project presented to their friends all the mobilities and explained what they learned and what they had the opportunity to see during these exchanges. Their friends listened to them carefully and with interest and in the end they asked some questions.

Teachers Biljana Vucković, Aleksandra Ivanović, and Tamara Milić-Mihajlović, who participated in the realization of the project and student exchanges, presented the mobilities  before the Teachers’ Council.

We are glad that our school is also part of the great European Erasmus + family. /Tamara Milić-Mihajlović/

Prezentacija učenika o mobilnosti u Sjevernoj Makedoniji
Prezentacija učenika o mobilnosti u Rumunjskoj

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