Two youngsters from Ćićevac in the UNICEF Youth Board

Belgrade, Serbia, 28.09.2020U-Report meetup coverage in UNICEF office Model release signed obtained by Jovana Kovacevic photo by Unicef/Nemanja Pancic

On the World Youth Day, the UNICEF Youth Board admitted 14 new members, two of them from Ćićevac. They are Aleksandar Nešić and Jovana Janev. Since Ćićevac is a small town, having two representatives in the UNICEF is a great honour and privilege.

Considering the importance of the UNICEF’s  U-Report platform for the young, where we can state our opinion without abstinence, the members were informed about the purpose of the platform before the Youth Board first session. An international U-Report meeting, organised by U-Reporters from Uzbekistan, was held. There were about 70 participants from different countries all around the world: Bulgaria, Moldova, Romania, Ukraine and, of course, Serbia and Uzbekistan. Each team presented what they had recently been doing in their countries, but there was also making friends, relaxed conversation and exchanging social media contacts. 

Belgrade, Serbia, 28.09.2020U-Report meetup coverage in UNICEF office Model realese signed obtained by Jovana Kovacevicphoto by Unicef/Nemanja Pancic

The first Youth Board meeting was held on September 7. The old Board members, as well as the important UNICEF people, explained the importance of the Board and what is about to be happening  in the year ahead. Every next step depends on the current epidemic situation and that is the reason why we will have on-line meetings once or twice a month. The tasks for board members were not assigned at the first meeting, and it is going to be done step by step, with no unnecessary overwhelming with too much work in the very beginning.

 The next board meeting is scheduled for October. On the World Youth Day-on September 28- wehad another U-Report meeting, which was not international. Besides the board and UNICEF members there were some people from different organizations. During the meeting all the people who were not familiar with the U-Report platform were informed about the activities and purpose of it. Those who were not present there can join us and state their opinion about the topics important for the young at

Journalist: Јovana Janev

photo by Unicef/Nemanja Pancic

Original article is available in school digital magazine ĐAČKA ISKRA

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