Hierro – A Different TV Series

In the last years, private TV platforms are fostering new series, aimed at appealing people to play them upon request, in the timeframe and pace each TV watcher decides to. Many have become worldwide famous, such as “Modern Family”, “Money Heist/La Casa de Papel”, or “Quantico”.

Spanish TV Platform MoviStar has recently created a new murder TV series called “Hierro”. Hierro is both Spanish for “iron” and the name of the smallest of the Canary Islands.

The first season of this mystery TV series was released in June 2019. Second season is just released in 2021. This tells the story of a mid-aged judge, a lady whose has confronted some problems with high politicians in inland Spain, and has been sent to serve in Hierro as a sort of punishment. She is a single mother with a son suffering from cerebral palsy. The plot of season 1 develops around the murder of a young Hierro citizen and all investigations around that.

I think this is a TV series which differs from all others because:

  • Actors are not celebrities nor especially handsome – they just look like ordinary people
  • Photography is superb – the beauty of the island’s landscapes, colors and nuances, are captured and reflected in every chapter
  • It gives visibility to cerebral palsy, an unusual element in a mystery series
  • The society of a small island, where everyone knows everyone, and enmities among families and villages are set for long, is properly reflected
  • The Canary Islands accent spoken by the actors, and the desperately slow pace of actions as they do happen in the Tropical Spain are well shown

Definitely, a must for 2021! / Paloma Cavanillas/

The original article is published in the school digital newspaper CALATRAVATIMES


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