Action “Plant a tree, plant your future”

On 20 October 2021, the students from the 8th grade realized an action of planting trees as part of the initiative to foster a democratic climate in our school.

During the Citizenship lessons, the 8th grade students discussed the topic of student’s democratic initiatives and the purpose of such initiatives. They were given a suggestion to think about the topic and to come up with the type of activities that could be realized in our school. Among the many suggestions, they decided to start with the first activity – An action to plant trees in order to raise the eco awareness of the other students and the local community. Through this activity, the students wanted to increase the eco awareness in the local community and to promote the importance of protection of the healthy living environment.

The action took place during October 2021 when the trees were bought and with the help of the school janitor, they dug up holes in the schoolyard where they planted the trees. They also attached different messages on the trees with which they wanted to raise the eco awareness of the other students and the community.

The main aim of this activity was to encourage the feeling of responsibility among the students about the conditions and the requirements in the school and the community and to strengthen the students’ initiative to take actions for positive changes.

/Author: G. Azmanov (9-1); Photos: school website/

The original article is published in the school online digital newspaper L.A. IN-fortmator


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