Schools are closed in all our Erasmus+ partner countries – Serbian schools will stay closed for the rest of the school year

In all our partner countries schools are closed due to the Coronavirus and there are no regular classes, the same is in Croatia. Schools were first shut down in Romania on March 9. In North Macedonia classes were stopped on March 11, the same was in Spain. Serbia closed its schools on March 17 and Croatia did the same just a day before.

When it comes to schooling, all countries except Spain are obligated to maintain some kind of distance schooling. In Spain, as it was confirmed by Spanish team Erasmus+ coordinator Consuelo Ruiz, there is no obligation to conduct any sort of out of school classes. Spanish teachers do it as their free will and the same goes for their students. School lessons on Tv except in Croatia were introduced in Serbia and North Macedonia. They are trying to organize classes on some other platforms, the same goes for Croatia and Romania.  

Mihaela Cristina Ciofalca, Erasmus+ team coordinator from Romania said that only 5 teachers from their school managed to organize online classes on Google Classroom app. She added that their problem is that some students don’t have internet connection and computers at home. Macedonian partners are also trying to work out with different apps and from today Aerodrom county in Skopje where their school is located all schools have started to hold classes via Google classroom app. Ljubica Ruzhinska, Erasmus+ coordinator od North Macedonia team said that their Ministry of Education announced that they will try to set up a platform with video lessons the same as our Ministry in Croatia. But she is not yet sure when will that be ready.
In all the partner countries teachers work from home, it is not sure how long will all of this last. Except is Serbia where, after the words of their Erasmus+ team coordinator Aleksandra Milutinović, it was announced that online classes will be held by the end of the school year in June. /Stojanka Lesički/

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