Covid 19

COVID-19 Definition – What is it?

COVID-19, also known as the Wuhan Disease, was detected for first time at the Chinese city of Wuhan (Hubei province) in December 2019. Once it had reached more than 100 territories, the World Health Organization declared it as a pandemia.

Its symptoms are similar to the ones of influenza, including fever, coughing, dyspnea, myalgia, and fatigue. In severe cases it produces pneumonia, acute breathing difficulty syndrome, sepsis, and septic shock that drives 3% of infected patients to death. No specific treatment has been set, and the main therapeutic actions are relieving the symptoms and keep the vital functions in patients.

COVID-19 Structure

Possible medicines used for its treatment


The first medicine to be mentioned is Remdisivir. It is a pharmaceutical product originally develop to fight Ebola, but it did not accomplish major outcomes. However, as shown by the last tests undertaken with lab-grown cells, it can be one of the potential medicines in the battle against COVID-19.


Chloroquine has been used for years in the treatment against malaria. As its use has grown during this health crisis, scientists have stated that being successful against malaria does not necessarily mean having the same behavior against SARS CoV2.

It can be provided to the patient orally, and it has a low cost. However, it has secondary effects like dizziness, loss of hunger, diarrhea, vomits or skin eruptions, among others.


These are two combined administration medicines which are utilized in the VIH treatment.

When this health crisis started, many hopes were set on these two products. Nevertheless, research in a preliminary stage shows that no clear benefits are achieved in COVID-19 infected patients.


The fourth analyzed therapy in the WHO’s Solidarity Essay is a combination of both previously mentioned products with interferon-beta. It is a molecule capable to control inflammation.

First researches have revealed in preliminary results performed in animals that this combination succeeds against MERS infections.

Research on its vaccine – update as of today

More than 20 research teams and pharma companies allover the world are now looking for the way to develop new vaccines or antivirals that may relieve the new coronavirus disease. The vaccines under development today are in their first stages, some of them are promising, but they need to be effective and secure, and even so we still need to  develop production capacity enough for the global needs, thus this will be a long period.

The two most advanced vaccines are the ones under development in China and USA. The research team is led by bioengineer and Major Chen Wei. She started to work in the project when she and her team came to Wuhan, epicenter of the pandemia, at the end of January. The results is a subunit vaccine, a new generation formula containing only some antigens without pathogens, hence it is looked at as safer than traditional techniques. “The vaccine has no infectious substances; it is very secure and stable and requires a single inoculation” she said when speaking to the Hubei’s Center for Disease Control and Prevention when she calling up for volunteers.


Updated information on April 10th 2020, 19h CET

TerritoryConfirmed casesDeathsRecovered
United Kingdom65,8727,993370

Effect of the virus in our region

The region of Castilla-La Mancha in Spain has one of the best infrastructures in specialized geriatric attention for coping with the crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemia, which mainly attacks the most vulnerable, and especially the elderly. One hundred teams have been assessing up to now elderly residences, monitored residences and attention centers for citizen with special needs, among others. A segmentation has been set for the distribution of residents and persons in need have been evacuated. Facilities have been disinfected and the support of health professionals has been provided when deemed necessary.

In addition, all social-health centers have revisited with the aim of providing them with health professionals, material and all needed elements for receiving people in need of the aforementioned profiles, coming from any spot of Spain.

Conclusion and personal opinion

This has been a very interesting essay. It made me realize about the actual situation we are living as of today. I have been able to access very deep information, easy to reach, about the addressed topic, which I have especially liked.

Author: Laura Gomez Patiño

Original article is available in school digital magazine Calatravatime


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