Artists have to eat too

In the copyright workshop, we learned about piracy and plagiarism

If we decide to use music from some famous group or singer for making our video, YouTube will automatically block our video. The reason is we do not have permission from the author to use that music. But, for our videos, we can find music that is given for free by authors. That kind of music can be found on numerous repositories of free music. One of the best known, with a big selection of music, is FREEPLAYMUSIC.

We have learned the process of downloading music from that web page on Friday (18.09.) during the workshop about copyrights. The workshop was created as part of our Erasmus+ project ““YOUNG JOURNALIST OF TODAY – RESPONSIBLE CITIZENS OF TOMORROW” .

At the workshop, we have also learned how to cite sources from which we have gathered the information for our presentations. We have also found out what is the difference between plagiarism and piracy. Piracy is the unauthorized selling or multiplying of someone’s authorial work, while plagiarism is unauthorizes downloading or ’stealing’ of authorial work.  

We have discussed that the creators of artwork – authors also deserve material compensation for using their pieces. They produce non-material goods, but as well as producers of material goods or services they also have living expenses and their artworks also cost.

We have concluded that it is not morally right to watch films on illegal sites, same as it is not morally right to steal someone’s product. At the workshop, we have also heard of many sites that have a big selection of free films. But, we will write about that in the next article. /Dominik Đurin; photo: S.L./

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