Be an editor

Workshop was held on 28 Aprile 2021

We could hardly wait to go to school again because we wanted not only friends, but also classes, teachers and workshops. The workshop “Be an editor” was held on April 28. with 8/2 grade students,  with half of the class that attended classes at the school that day. Students talked to teacher Aleksandra Milutinović about what it is like to be an editor, and new suggestions and new ideas on how to improve our journalism section and our school digital magazine appeared at the workshop:

The presentation and workshop were made by the teacher of the partner school on the project, Stojanka Lisički, and we translated it into Serbian.

In the Answergarden tool, students answered the questions what is and who is the editor. We discussed what the articles we read from the tasks of this workshop were and how true, shocking, interesting they were and what we would change if we were the editors. Considering that this is a group of students in which our most active journalist of the student newspaper, Sanja Ivanović, was, we asked her what she would do if she were the editor of a newspaper. Here is what she answered: “If I were the editor of a magazine or a daily newspaper, I would try not to make my newspaper a yellow press, not to attract readers with clickbait headlines, such as: shocking and incredible, but to ensure the exceptional readership of my magazine by offering its readers content. Which is interesting, close to them and interesting. I think people are tired of reading the news about the crown and politics. Especially young people are not interested in these topics, so they should start some content as soon as possible that will divert their thoughts from everyday problems.

Young people in Ćićevac have launched a portal for young people: and for now it is very readable, I hope it will stay that way. My classmates and I plan to write articles for this portal because we have practiced writing in this project and we think that, after the school newspaper, since it is time to leave this school, it is OK to continue our journalistic journey by creating content that is for our peers in Serbia, something new and different. ” 

Original article is published in school digital magazine   ĐAČKA ISKRA.


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