Young ECO innovators got finances to realize their solutions for protection of the water resources

On 18th April 2022 in Skopje a workshop for creative thinking was held where five teams with participants between the age of 13 to 19 got 120.000 denars to realize their team solution for protection and improvement of water resources in the area where they live and with that to reduce the harmful effects of the climate changes that affect the whole world.

The participants are part of the UPSHIF program in which 10 teams of 50 high school students from different cities in Macedonia, Skopje, Tetovo, Valandovo, Strumica, Prilep, Veles and Berovo, took part in the workshop that used the methodology of creative thinking. The teams were monitored by professors and mentors that helped them to develop their ideas and gain new skills in the process.

The five best teams that got the finances to implement their ideas are:

  • SUGS “Braka Miladinvci”, Skopje will work on the reduction of the consumption of drinking water for irrigation and upkeep of the school yard and the zoo garden through the restoration of the school well.
  • SOU “Orde Chopela”, Prilep and SUGS “Vlado Tasevski”, Skopje will work on the collection and usage of rain water in underground and surface containers that will be used for irrigation of the plants in their school yards.
  • SSOU “Kole Nedelkovski”, Veles will work on the prevention of the water losses in the Veles city water system through installation of sensors in the water pipes that will send direct information to the JKP “Derven” through the SCADA system.
  • OSEU “8 September”, Tetovo will work on the purification of the drinking water in their school by installing filters.

UPSHIFT is one of the many initiatives supported by UNICEF in which workshops for socials innovations for young people are combined with mentorships, materials and finances. The aim of UPSHIFT is to encourage the innovative and creative thinking of young people in order for them to understand the challenges they face and to help them come up with innovative solutions in form of a product or a service. It’s based on the methodology of designer thinking that is transferable and can help teachers and students to develop their entrepreneurial skills such as: project management, critical thinking, team work and successful communication.  

Author: G. Azmanov (9-1) 

Photos: УНИЦЕФ

The original article is published in the school online digital newspaper L.A. IN-formator

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