Informative and clickbait headlines

Workshop was performed 17 November 2020

A headline gives us information about the content of the article. It is important not to have headlines that are too long, they will not grab the attention of the reader because reading it takes too much time.

Subheading gives us wider information about the content of a text. It can consist of a few sentences. Heading comprises general information about the text depending on its type. Heading does not have to be too long, it can consist of one sentence.

There are two types of headlines:

  • Clickbait headlines

Every day via social media these headlines grab our attention with the goal to make us click on them to see their content. These are usually headlines which have nothing to do with their content and the texts behind them are often boring and worthless. Clickbait headlines attempt to produce an emotion in the reader and attract more people to read the article.

  • Informative headlines

The goal of the informative headlines is to produce interest in the reader and to describe in short the content of the article. Informative headlines convey the real information about the text. It can be an interesting sentence from the text, a thought, and it is always in bold or emphasized in some other way (colour, etc.)

  • How can we spot the difference between informative and clickbait headlines? 
  • An example of a clickbait headline:

“You must read this: you will not believe what has happened!“

An example of an informative headline:

“The temple of Saint Sava is one of the biggest temples in Europe.“

Clickbait headlines have fewer words, while informative headlines are longer and explain in a better way what the text is about.

Teacher Dragana Kuzmanovic held a workshop on this topic with interested students from the sixth to eighth grades. The students showed premeditation in recognizing information and clickbait titles, even their terms were not unknown.

At the end of the workshop, they gave examples for information algorithms and clickbait titles that they wrote on the board, and so came ideas for new articles for our school newspaper.

/Journalist: Sanja Ivanović; Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash /

Original article is published in school digital magazine ĐAČKA ISKRA


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