“Young journalists of today – responsible digital citizens of tomorrow” – second exchange of students in N. Macedonia (12. 4. 2022)

Today was the second day of our student exchange and we continued with our activities. We started the day with the workshop “The power of media” that was held by our deputy principal and teacher of Macedonian language, Valentina Petrova. During the workshop, we were given a task to analyze one photo. There was a man in the photo who was in a car and he looked really surprised. We had to write our observations and questions about the photo as well as a short story about what we think was happening in the photo. The next task was to look at a photo of a pizza and again we had to write our observations, questions and a short story. We had a lot of fun during the workshop because all the participants had different thoughts and opinions about the photos.

After the first workshop, we had a short break and some free time to get some refreshments and a short walk in the schoolyard where we had some time to socialize between each other enjoying the sunny weather outside.

After the break, we continued with our second workshop “Keep it real”. Our Erasmus+ coordinator and English teacher, Ljubica Ruzhinska, held this workshop. Though the activities in the workshop we learnt about how fake news are transmitted in the media through practical examples, how much they can influence the society and the social life of people and the power the media can have on our everyday lives, as well as the importance of developing critical thinking skills that can help us reduce the spread of fake news.

After the second workshop, the participants had lunch in the local restaurant “Odiseja”, and after they returned to our school, we continued with the presentations made by the participants about Macedonia: about Mother Theresa, the Strumica carnival, about Macedonian cuisine, the famous singer Toshe Proevski, the pianist Simon Trpchevski and the famous custom about Galichnik wedding. The presentations were again followed by a Kahoot quiz with 24 questions so we can see how much information we have learnt.

Author: K. Todorovski (9-4)

Photos: M. Ognenovska

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