Internet security

Internet is a world wide web, that uses the telephone line to pass on information.Since we have all had access to this platform, we are constantly connected to the net.  Internet provides us entertainment and information. But we have to be aware of the dangers of surfing the net without being careful of where it can take us.

In the majority of the apps that the Internet offers us like social media, an account has to be created and personal details given, in order to identify oneself. But we have to be careful because very often, because these apps ask us for personal information that mustn’t be revealed because of privacy laws. In that case, one must know that, that app, web or source of information can be misleading; it doesn’t fulfil the data protection act. 

Specifically, there are platforms nowadays, that have advanced thanks to the evolution of technology. For example, Instagram or Tik Tok, have diverse security options and the consequences that entail regarding not obeying the data protection act of any other person are made clear.

If we don’t take notice of these warnings, the consequences could be very serious.  For example:

•    They could harass us for sending our personal details.

•    They could hack into our account and upload inappropriate photos or videos and could make them public.

There are apps that prevent this from happening, not many, but there are some of a very good quality that protect your device and identity. They are called ” antivirus ” that clean our devices.

Authors: Lucía  Inés Quiralte Tweddle.

                Claudia Cañas Moreno-Manzanaro

Original article was published in Spanish online digital newspaper Calatrava Times in section:

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