The achievements of the students in OOU “Lazo Angelovski” even in the COVID-19 pandemic

One of the students from our school, who participated in the online competition that took place in the last period despite the Covid-19 pandemic, is Katerina Ivanova from 8-6 grade. She participated in the biology competition and won 3rd place in the regional and national competitions. The student who won 1st place at the regional and state competition in biology is also a student from our school “Lazo Angelovski”, and her name is Teona Treneska from 8-5 grade. The regional competition was held on 26.08.2020, while the state competition was held on 28.9.2020. Through their answers to the questions from the journalists from the Media section group, we will find out what is the experience of participating in an online competition.

L.A. Informant: How did you feel before and during the online biology competition?

K.I.: Before the start and during the online competition I felt very scared, because everything was happening for the first time and I had no previous experience of how the competition will go.

T.T.: I felt a little excited because the online competition was a little bit different.

L.A. Informant: When do you feel more excited and what type of competition do you want to go to more, with physical presence or online?

K.I.: I feel more excited when I go to competitions with physical presence. I have a greater desire to go to competitions with physical presence, because I have more experience with them.

T.T.: I feel more excited at competitions with physical presence. Both types of competitions are interesting, but I think I prefer competitions with physical presence.

L.A. Informant: Did you have any preparation by the teachers before the competition?

K.I.: The preparation for the competition was done only by sending materials by the teachers. No preparations were made for the competition between us the students and the teachers.

T.T.: Yes, the teacher sent me questions by e-mail.

L.A. Informant: How many questions did the regional competition test consist of, and how many the state competition and how long did they last?

K.I. and T.T.: The regional competition consisted of fifty questions, while the state competition consisted of forty-seven questions. The competition lasted fifty minutes plus fifteen minutes for logging in and questions before the competition.

L.A. Informant: How long did it take for you to get the results from the competition and what were your results?

K.I.: I and the other participants got the results relatively quickly. I received the results of the regional competition on the same day, while I received the results of the state competition in two days. I got very good results, i.e. thirty-two points in the regional and thirty-four points in the state biology competition in which I participated, winning third place in both competitions.

T.T.: I received the results by e-mail one day after the competition. I won the first place in both competitions.

L.A. Informant: What type of questions were there on the competitions in which you participated?

K.I.: There were many logical questions, but most of the questions were from the sixth, seventh and eighth grade textbooks.

T.T.: The questions on the competitions were mainly multiple-choice questions and some of the questions were questions with gap filling information. Among the questions, there were tasks in which only the final result was required.

L.A. Informant: Were there any teachers from our school “Lazo Angelovski” present on the competition?

K.I.: There were no teachers from our school present at the competition, but there were teachers from several universities, and there were also teachers from the Macedonian Biological Society.

T.T.: I think there were no teachers from our school present on the Zoom meeting.

L.A. Informant: What do you prefer more, to attend physical or online competitions?

K.I.: I prefer to attend competitions with physical presence, and one of the reasons for that is that in online competitions there are chances for all kinds of cheating through different pages.

T.T.: I prefer to attend competitions with physical presence because there is more time to answer questions, while online competitions have shorter questions, but with less time.

L.A. Informant: Where were you connected to do the exam for the competition?

K.I. and T.T.: We were connected through Zoom with camera and microphone and we did the exam through the online site Classmarker.

L.A. Informant: What were the rules of the competition?

K.A.: The rules of the competition were: asking questions just before the start of the competition, the microphone and the camera had to be on all the time, as well as the rule that no one else should be present in the room except the student.

T.T.: It was forbidden to disconnect from the Zoom meeting for more than 2 minutes (because with disconnecting the exam questions closed). The exam could be started no later than 5 minutes after it is uploaded to ClassMaker (the time for answering the questions expired individually for each student). We were also not allowed to return to previous questions.

Author: D.Bozikj (8-6)

Photo: Internet

The original article is published in the school online digital newspaper  L.A. IN-formator.

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