A message from a passionate heart

Who am I? I am a student passionate about school, extracurricular activities, everything that means knowledge. My name is Ana and I am a 7th grade student. My passion for everything that school means, but especially for French, was one day interrupted by what some call online school, but which I cannot call school. …Yet.So, one day, fed up with the changes my generation is facing, I decided to send a few thoughts from a sincere heart, where I thought fit: Mr. President Klaus Johannis

I am a very passionate French student. I learn it out of passion, being a valuable thing that I live through at all times. I would like to express my opinion on the framework plans for the second foreign language taught in schools and high schools in Romania, especially French, which are being modified and approved.

Why did I choose to do this? Because a foreign language has a special importance during the development of any student. So, the proposal to reduce the number of hours allocated to French in the gymnasium cycle, was the moment when I realized that my future and that of many young people and generations  can be changed and not for the better.

Here are some of the lines addressed to our President:

“My name is Dragu Anamaria, I am a seventh grade student at “Mihai Eminescu” Secondary School in Alexandria.

I wish  to express my opinion in a few lines, but I also want to point out certain things that have started to worry us, students and our teachers, especially the language teachers, things that concern decisions, of acceptance, things that need to be evaluated, related to the framework plans for foreign languages ​​taught in schools and high schools in Romania.

I would like to start by telling you that I am a very involved student in school, through projects, competitions and Olympics, but I am still interested in certain decisions taken at local or national level, which primarily affect me, moreover it affects my future.

Year after year, my choices, desires and expectations for the future are growing. Every passing year brings me closer to the future. And I am largely determined, right now, to what I want from my future. Probably some things change in our country over time, but the idea of ​​diminishing a foreign language is something that for many will mean a diminished future.

In the framework plans taken into account, either it is specified that from the two hours of the second language taught, especially French, to take out one hour so that it remains only one hour per week, or it is specified as the second language taught in schools and high schools to be diminished by all of the educational institutions. …

A foreign language is very important and clearly cannot be learned from one hour a week. This is not the way to perform, in this way, with so little material taught, students will go one by one to other profiles.

Foreign languages ​​will be left behind. Bilingual profiles will probably no longer exist, nor will intensive language classes, simply because no one will have any interest in one language class per week. The future of young people and those who will start their careers in a few years, what will it be?

On the other hand, regarding the decision to permanently remove the second language from schools and high schools … if a language were no longer taught, if it were only one hour a week, what will the teachers do? …

We unite together to make known the true value of the presence of foreign languages ​​in schools, high schools and above all, in hearts!

I hope you understand us and that you will heed these words. Please never again have any worries and for this proposal to end taking into account our opinions and wishes.

Thank you!

Yours Sincerely,

 Anamaria “

To my surprise and great joy, not long after, the answer came promptly from the Ministry of Education and Research, confirming that our problems, the students, are not neglected at all and assuring me that my point of view will be analyzed by a Commission within the Ministry to make certain changes to the framework plans.

Dragu Anamaria, VII A

The original article is published in the school digital newspaper MEDIAGENER@TION

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