Let’s play the fraternity card

The project includes schools from Croatia, Italy, Poland, Slovenia, Spain, and France

Our generation doesn’t write postcards and letters, but texts, e-mails, and posts on social media. That is why we had a whole new experience while writing postcards. We had a chance to write them during the last week as part of the international project “P.S. POKRENI SOLIDARNOST!” (Let’s play the fraternity card).

We are the only school in our county and one of 24 Croatian schools that took part in this project. For Croatia, the project is coordinated by the Centre for peace studies. Alongside Croatia, this project gathers schools from Italy, Poland, Slovenia, Spain, and France.

In our school students from the 7th grades and grades, 6B and 8B wrote postcards. Postcards were written after we analysed photos and held a workshop where we have discussed prejudices, discrimination, and solidarity.

Our postcards are special because we have not written greetings and good wishes, but messages of solidarity. With the postcards that have photos of wired fences, floods in Venice, a boy in a poor French neighbourhood, and an old lady by the computer, we wish to start the conversation about differences and solidarity in our community. Postcards were sent to 70-ish addresses mostly in Sveti Petar Orehovec and Križevci and now we are patiently waiting for responses from the people who have received them. An E-book about the project is available here. /Laura Ivšak, 7B, photo: S. L./

The original article is published in the school digital newspaper KLINČEK.

Let’s play the fraternity card! – postcards were sent out to locals from Sveti Petar Orehovec and Križevci


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