Solution of a long-term problem: building extra classrooms

There are over one thousand and four hundred students in our school and because of this, our school has faced a long-term problem: large number of students and lack of classrooms. These are the reasons why the lessons for the students in lower grades were organized in three shifts. A solution was found after years of facing this problem. The project for building extra classrooms in the school is an initiative of our school principle, Pero Arsenovski. This is the reason why we visited the principle and held an interview with him. 

L.A. IN-formator: What was the incentive to start this project?

P.A.: The main reasons for this project are: the large number of students, the lack of space (classrooms), working in three shifts, different combinations to organize the lessons, our wish to eliminate the third shift. We have 1470 students and we have had the problem with lack of classrooms for years.

L.A. IN-formator: When did you started with the idea for this project?

P.A.: It started two and a half years ago, when I become the principle of the school, but this idea existed in the past as well.

L.A. IN-formator: How is funding this project?

P.A.: The Municipality Aerodrom is the founder of the school and the Municipality funds and manages this project.

L.A. IN-formator: Whose idea was the building of the extra classrooms?

P.A.: The idea was mine, but the teachers and the other employees in the school also supported it. The initiative is mine and it came through because of my close relations with the Municipality mayor. 

L.A. IN-formator: How many extra classroom are going to be build?

P.A.: There are going to be four classrooms, four toilets and two extra rooms build during this project. The classrooms are also going to be equip by the founder. They have provided around 60 tables, 60 chairs and boards for the classrooms.   

L.A. IN-formator: Does this project involve only the building of extra classrooms or there are going to be other renovations in other parts of the school?

P.A.: This project will only involve the building of the extra classrooms, but there are other projects that will involve other changes in the school. 

L.A. IN-formator: Will the extra classrooms be for the students in classical lessons or for those in all-day school lessons?

P.A.: This type of organization is usually made in the beginning of the school year, so we will decide in the beginning of the next school year which classes will use the new classrooms, but they will definitely be for students in lower grades.

L.A. IN-formator: What is the plan for the future, how are the lessons going to be organized?

P.A.: The plan is for the school to be able to work in two shifts, but that would also depend on the situation with the Covid-19 pandemic in the future.

L.A. IN-formator: Do you know how long will the construction works last for?

P.A.: The deadline for finishing all the construction works should be until the end of this school year. Meanwhile, the classrooms should be equipped and ready for the beginning of the next school year.

L.A. IN-formator: Are you satisfied with the dynamic of the construction works so far?

P.A.: Yes, for now.

L.A. IN-formator: Do you think there will be other projects like this one in the future, which will involve a renovation or construction of other things in the school?

P.A.: Of course there will be. In fact, there are several other projects that involved either renovation or construction of different things in the school.

Authors: A. Grivchevska (8-4) and D. Bizhikj (8-6)

Photos: the website of Aerodrom Municipality

The original article is published in the school online digital newspaper L.A. IN-formator 

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