National Pride Day

December 1, the most important day for the Romanians

Romanians worldwide celebrate on December 1 the National Day of Romania, the most important moment in the history of our country. 103 years ago, in 1918, in Alba Iulia, the Great Assembly took place, which voted for the union of Transylvania with Romania, and consecrated what we now call Greater Romania.

Romania’s National Day, December 1, was marked by a ceremony held in front of the Heroes’ Monument in Alexandria.

The event began with the singing of the national anthem, in the presence of the officialities of Teleorman county, Dănuț Cristescu, Eugen Pîrvulescu, Maria Stoian, Paul Stancu, and Ică Calotă, representatives of the Alexandria Local Council and of the Teleorman County Council, representatives of the Alexandria Military, of the war veterans, but also citizens of Alexandria. The festival ended with laying wreaths at the First World War Heroes Monument.

Also, before December 1, Alexandria City Hall offered 1000 Romanian tricolor flags to primary school students. This happened a few days prior to the National Day, as it is a national holiday and children do not attend school on this day. It was hoped that Romania’s National Day would not go unnoticed among Alexandria students, so they were given a flag with the tricolor of Romania with the message “Alexandria City Hall sends you” HAPPY NATIONAL DAY, CHILDREN! “, on the occasion of Romania’s National Day!”. /Cobârlie Roxana Maria(6A)/

The original article is published in the school online digital newspaper MEDIAGENER@TION.


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